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Morgan Fowler- groomer extraordinaire

I’m one of the very few and lucky people that can actually say “I was born to do this” about my career. Looking back I realize I was a pet stylist in the making my whole life! I was the little girl who dressed up my stuffed dog-not a baby doll or Barbie. I was also the girl that would play vet or pet shop, instead of house. I decided to follow my dream in the summer of 2013, when I traded in my college books for some scissors and a blow dryer! I began my education at Unleashed Pet Grooming School, where I attended 480 hours of instruction. I was blessed with the best job and work family I could ask for at Ranchwood Veterinary Hospital. I’ve learned so much in just the few years I’ve groomed, and continue to further my skills by learning the newest fashions and trends.  I’ve mixed my lifelong passion for dogs with my love for all things glamorous, and it comes across in my everyday work. Grooming is not only for the health and hygiene of the dog, but is also what I consider my art. With your pet as the canvas, I primp and pamper to make them look and feel their best. Sometimes it’s just a fresh haircut, and other times its hair dyes, feathers, and bows.  No matter what your preferences are, I work together with you and your pet, to give the best possible styling experience from start to finish!

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